Country artist Alex Runions asking for support for friend battling cancer

A local country music artist is garnering support for a close friend of his going through a strenuous battle against cancer.

Alex Runions is part of a group trying to raise money for Bobby Byrnell and his family through a GoFundMe campaign. Byrnell, who has a wife and two kids, was recently told he had thyroid cancer and underwent surgery to remove the affected area.

It was while he was recovering from the procedure that he learned the cancer has spread into his lymph nodes and possibly his lungs.

“[The doctor] found metastatic carcinoma and the doctor told him to get ready for a rough road,” shared Runions. “That’s why we decided to go ahead with this campaign.”

Byrnell is awaiting further surgeries and treatment following this latest discovery. Unable to provide for his family at his own business while he recovers, Runions and others felt the fundraising page could help support the family’s expenses and their trips to Regina and Saskatoon for his treatment.

Bobby Byrnell and his two daughters. (Photo: GoFundMe)

The response to the GoFundMe page has been strong so far, collecting nearly $19,000 as of Friday afternoon after it was started a few days prior. Runions said one of the reasons why people have already jumped in to support him is because of his willingness to help out around the community throughout the years.

“He’s a community guy, volunteer firefighter. There was a lot of talk about the Kipling outdoor rink this year, and he was a part of that project,” he explained. “They just did that for the community.”

“Of course cancer affects so many people and its devastating to many people. But Bobby has given so much his whole life and we just want to make sure we give back a little bit.”

The GoFundMe page created for Byrnell and his family can be found here.

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