Regina Mayor Sandra Masters hosts Facebook Live Q&A

Regina Mayor Sandra Masters held a Facebook Live event Sunday evening, where she answered questions and heard concerns from residents.

Several topics were discussed, such as active transportation, city efficiency, and the vision Masters has for the future of the city.

Masters said this was something she also did during her election campaign.

“I think it allows for a little bit more outreach, maybe a bit more transparency, and just try to stay connected to the constituents,” Masters said. “This job can get very busy with back-to-back-to-back meetings, and we don’t necessarily get a ton of opportunity to speak to residents about some of the issues that are plaguing them.”

Masters says given that a proposed 2.34 percent property tax increase was just announced last week, people were mostly positive during the event.

“Overall, people I think appreciate the opportunity just to sort of hear from me in a more casual basis and be able to ask their questions in real time.”

Masters says this was also a great way to hear concerns and answer questions from residents in an uninterrupted manner.

“I know we’ve all watched the news during last year’s election, specifically down in the states, where all of a sudden, you’d have people yelling and screaming, and it just completely defeats the purpose of communication,” Masters said. “If anybody wants to spam or be offensive, you’re able to take them out of the queue so-to-speak, and get to people who are actually looking to engage and have legitimate questions.”

Masters says she would like to do this again in the future.

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