Sask. Chamber of Commerce releases low carbon economy report

The Saskatchewan Chamber of Commerce (SCC) has launched its report of what it will take to have a successful transition into a low carbon economy in the province.

During Tuesday’s announcement, CEO Steve McLellan said the report is a collection of research, recommendations and written submissions from industry experts on the subject.

McLellan suggested a low carbon economy is a chance for Saskatchewan to build the economy for the next generation and enhance resiliency.

“It’s also the beginning in that we must all consider our respective roles of business, governments and individuals of how, why and when we make the choices to ensure we find the right balance between looking after the environment and the economy,” he stated.

The chamber notes the report recognizes regulatory certainty, strategic investments in energy efficiency and workforce reskilling as foundational pillars in the transition towards a low carbon economy.

“All of these, and more, will be needed for Saskatchewan to successfully transform. Specifically, the SCC’s report contains 18 recommendations focused on how the provincial and federal government can support Saskatchewan businesses striving to achieve the federal government’s climate change goals.”

The full report can be found at the Saskatchewan Chamber of Commerce’s website.

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