SGI reminds residents to avoid filing fraudulent insurance claims

SGI is marking Fraud Prevention Month by reminding residents not to make fraudulent insurance claims.

Spokesperson Jennifer Sully says insurance fraud is something every jurisdiction faces.

“It’s not a huge problem here in Saskatchewan, but it is something that we want to keep an eye on because every time a fraudulent/exaggerated claim is paid out, the people of Saskatchewan pay more in higher premiums.”

Sully says some information could lead to a claim becoming suspicious.

“Maybe an adjustor is looking at the claim and things aren’t adding up, or maybe there is some back-and-forth, maybe the story changes from one day to the next,” Sully said. “Our investigation team will actually get tips from the public that might trigger an investigation as well.”

Sully says there are some serious consequences.

“They could have their claim be denied and be on the hook to pay back all of that money from the claim, they could face higher premiums, they could face denial of coverage in the future,” Sully said. “It could also be reported to law enforcement. It is a crime and they could face criminal charges as well.”

SGI’s Special Investigation Unit investigates suspicious claims, and Sully says those investigations saved the province six million dollars in 2020.

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