Province considering moving frontline workers ahead of the queue in vaccination effort according to Moe

A symposium of petroleum producers wanted to hear from Premier Scott Moe if Saskatchewan has a plan for vaccinating frontline workers.

Moe responded that it is something under consideration for larger businesses of 400 to 600 workers for example, where they have some interaction with each other.

He says the province is forever grateful for everyone who has worked through the pandemic, and vaccinating this demographic could possibly lessen some of the risk of younger people contracting the virus and potentially ending up in the hospital, especially considering the variants of concern.

However, Moe says, there is no plan in place right now, but it’s something the government will consider.

He wondered if there might be mobile capacity to go to some larger worksites.

Moe expects more information on that could be released in the coming days and weeks.

Prior to that, though, the government is looking at moving the age eligibility for vaccines below 55 for both the Regina area and the Southeast, because of the variants.

He expects that could begin in the next few days.

Moe confirms support for energy industry

The message from Saskatchewan’s Premier to the energy industry is that the provincial government has their back.

Moe suggests the energy industry and its supporters need to do more active advocating because there is nothing to be ashamed of.

He gave the example of Regina City Council considering a motion that would restrict energy companies for sponsoring or advertising with the city.

Moe says, “Quite frankly, we felt that was nothing short of an outrageous motion, and we said so.”

The motion was withdrawn.

He notes the energy sector has done so much for the people of Saskatchewan and this motion was happening in the city that has the province’s only refinery.

The Premier told the symposium that Canada has the most advanced, responsible, environmentally sustainable energy industry and the world, and Moe suggests we should be proud of that.

He stated that the Saskatchewan government is doing its utmost to ensure the province is competitive for enticing industries and businesses, despite the carbon tax.

Moe says the province’s climate change plan was designed with industry as opposed to against it.

The Premier also touched on nuclear energy, as the province looks into small nuclear reactors, alongside Ontario, and New Brunswick.

He hints that there will be more news in the next couple of weeks.

Moe says there is a partner that needs to sign on if this is to be successful, and that’s the federal government.


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