PPC Leader Maxime Bernier speaks at Regina Freedom Rally


Dozens of people gathered in Victoria Park Saturday to attend a “freedom rally” featuring an appearance from Peoples’ Party of Canada Leader Maxime Bernier.

Sporting a Rider jersey, Bernier voiced his opposition to the current Public Health Measures in place around the country, claiming the Canada he grew up in is now unrecognizable.

He claimed the lockdowns are a failed experiment, adding the government has strayed away from it’s goal of protecting those most vulnerable.

“What people are doing here, what establishment politicians are doing, it’s not based on science,” said Bernier. “It’s an experiment, an experiment that failed, and we must go back to our normal lives, and I think that’s an important message. We must fight for our freedom.”

When asked if he was worried about spreading the virus during one of his planned rallies, Bernier claimed there’s no science to prove COVID-19 transmission outdoors.

“When you are out there like that, the risk to spread the virus is very, very minimum, and people are responsible, they’re responsible adults, and that’s why I said they’ll come,” said Bernier. “If you’re scared about having the virus, don’t come, that’s it. We are respecting everybody here.”

Bernier says if the government wanted to be fair with the lockdowns, they would have put it up for debate in the House of Commons.

With a federal election looming, Bernier urged the crowd to vote PPC, citing they’re the only party that fights for people’s freedom.

“We are the only political party courageous enough to speak against the establishment politicians and other political parties,” said Bernier. “Maybe we’re in the minority right now, but I believe we have the silent majority on our side.”

Bernier also clapped back at Saskatchewan politicians, predominantly NDP MLA Nicole Sarauer, who said he is not welcome in the province. Bernier says as a Canadian citizen, he has the fundamental right to travel anywhere he pleases.

While there has been no official confirmation from Regina Police, Bernier used his Twitter account to say he was handed a $2800 ticket.


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