Is it allergies or COVID-19?

Allergy season is upon us, but while it could be allergies, it could be COVID-19.

With seasonal allergies, people suffer from watery eyes and sneezing which are symptoms you don’t see with COVID-19.

Kelly Kizlyk is a pharmacist with MedSask and says another sign might be if your usual allergy medication isn’t making you feel better.

“If your medications aren’t working, that may be a sign that there’s something else that might be going on, so it might be a good idea to get tested in that case,” said Kizlyk. “Having said that, some folks find that what they had used in the past isn’t quite working, if you’re concerned about the effectiveness of your medications, also chat with your pharmacist.”

Kizlyk says many people were feeling a sense of panic last year because they didn’t know what we know now. She says we are more aware of our symptoms and are more hyper-vigilant right now.

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