SGI to start mailing out rebate cheques this week

Saskatchewan residents are asked to keep an eye on mailboxes over the next few weeks as SGI begins to mail out about 709,000 rebate cheques this week.

Cheques will be mailed out over the next three weeks. Customers should expect to receive their cheques sometime between mid-May and mid-June due to the large volume of rebates being mailed out.

“These rebates will provide a significant injection into the provincial economy, at a time when it will certainly be a welcome boost,” stated Minister Responsible for SGI Don Morgan in a release on Tuesday.

Those who had registered a vehicle in Saskatchewan and met the residency requirements to register a vehicle as of February 26, 2021 will be receiving rebates. This includes individuals, non-profit organizations and businesses.

Customers are asked to make sure their address is up-to-date with SGI and to be patient. If no cheque has been received by June 30, residents are asked to contact SGI customer service.

SGI says the total value of issued rebates is $285,000,000 with the average rebate per recipient at $380. People with an amount under $5 will not receive a cheque, but instead will have the amount added to their customer account as a credit.

This is the third time SGI has offered rebates to its customers. In 2007, the Auto Fund provided a $100 million rebate on 2006 insurance premiums to 540,000 customers who received an average rebate of $185. Back in 2006, the Auto Fund provided a $44 million rebate on 2005 insurance premiums to 520,000 customers who received an average rebate of $84.

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