Robotic farm technology takes another step forward


Raven Industries of South Dakota has announced a new brand name for its robotic farm equipment.

Its called Omni, meaning all, as the equipment enables hands-free precision farming.

Omnidrive replaces the AutoCart name from the previous acquisition of Smart Ag.

The former Dot name, acquired from Saskatchewan’s Seedmaster, is now Omnipower.

All of Raven’s intelligent autonomous solutions for farming will be branded with the Omni prefix.

Omnidrive is an aftermarket kit to transform existing new tractors into driverless machines.

Its the first farming application that allows a farmer to monitor an operate a driverless tractor from the cab of the harvester so the harvester can offload on the go, then return the tractor and grain cart to a predetermined unloading area, all without a second driver.

Over 3 dozen pre-orders have already been placed for Omnidrive.

The Omnipower self-propelled power platform, allowing multiple farm tasks, will be available to order June 1st with delivery in fall 2021.


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