Nutrien outlines carbon capture farm support program

Nutrien has unveiled a portfolio approach to its North American carbon pilots incentive program.

Nutrien has announced a partnership with a wide range of companies to provide incentives to farmers to adopt sustainable agricultural practices through creation of a verified carbon asset.

A diverse set of actions will be deployed for a variety of crops and climate zones to improve nitrogen management and soil health for positive carbon outcomes.

Strong interest from farmers can resulted in the enrollment of more than 200 thousand pilot acres in Nutrien’s carbon program, exceeding the initial 100 thousand acre target to adopt carbon positive farming practices.

In Canada, pilots are built around government protocols for farm carbon offsets in the compliance market.

Farmers in Saskatchewan, Alberta and Manitoba will work with Nutrien to improve carbon performance through nitrogen management and conservation tillage.

In the U.S., Nutrien grower customers in 15 states will generate carbon assets for purchase by a broad base of farm and non-agricultural buyers.

For example, Syngenta will partner with Nutrien for pilots across 10 thousand acres in North Iowa.

Information from these pilot projects will help future program designs to streamline data collection, enhance farming advice, measure environmental outcomes and provide a path to monetary value for Nutrien’s global footprint.


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