“Billboard Battle” wages on in Melville as businesses poke fun at each other through signs

The City of Melville has seen their local businesses clash in recent days, but in a fun, friendly way.

Businesses around the community are getting involved in what is being dubbed a “billboard battle,” where puns and humorous messages are being traded back-and-forth around town.

Mayor Walter Streelasky says in the wake of COVID-19, this is something that helps lifts people’s spirits.

“We here are very concerned about COVID-19, try to practice all those requirements, those restrictions that are in place, we try to abide as best we can,” said Streelasky. “Then when you get something like this, like a sunny day this morning, or the idea of a “billboard battle”, it really lifts the spirits of our community, very light-hearted play on words, humorous.”

While he’s unsure of exactly how many businesses are involved in the billboard battle, Streelasky says he’s looking forward to seeing it continue this week.

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