Record month for mosquitoes in June

Anyone who has been outside over the past couple of weeks have probably reeked of bug spray, have been scratching themselves or both as the mosquito population has been at a record-high.

June’s mosquito report from the City shows it was a record-setting month.

Ryan Johnston is the supervisor of the pest control department for the City.  He says a large rainfall followed by a few days of heat got mosquito larvae hatching and while crews were out and about spraying, there were still many mosquitoes out there.

“Currently, we have an average of 293 mosquitoes per trap.” Johnston said. “Our historical average is 37 per trap with the 10-year-average being 46.  From June 28 to July 2, we had a total of just over 3,500 mosquitoes caught which was over 3,400 more from the same time frame a year ago.

Johnston says with crews out treating and the weather being dry, numbers should start to decrease soon but he says that can change if a major rain event occurs again.   He reminds people they can help stop the mosquito population from growing by removing standing water on their property.

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