City of Regina once again entertaining idea of adding fluoride to drinking water supply

Adding fluoride to the city of Regina’s drinking water is being discussed at City Council Wednesday afternoon, with a notice of motion being introduced.

The idea is to have equipment ready to add fluoride to the city’s drinking water when upgrades to the Buffalo Pound Water Treatment facility are completed in about four years time.

According to the City, there would be a one time installation cost of about $2-million, followed by annual costs of about $210,000.

The idea to add fluoride to the city’s water is currently being backed by everyone on council except for Ward 10’s Landon Mohl.

Water fluoridation is said to improve oral health and reduce tooth decay.

Other major cities in Canada like Saskatoon, Vancouver, Winnipeg, and even Moose Jaw, have been adding fluoride to their drinking water for some time.

In Regina, the motion to do the same has been denied or voted down four times over the years.

Debate on the subject will not take place until August.

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