Community gathers to show support for Regina conversion therapy ban before Council set to vote

Community members gathered in front of Regina’s City Hall to show their support for a conversion therapy ban set to be voted on Wednesday afternoon.

The event dubbed “Chalk Your Support” encouraged people to write or draw out why they support banning conversion therapy.

Kent Peterson with Queen City for All says it was important to get the message out before Council started.

“We know from the last couple of months of this process that a conversion therapy ban is wildly popular amongst people that actually live here, whether it be faith leaders in the city, or members of the community, or allies,” said Peterson. “So, we wanted to demonstrate that by allowing people to come here and write messages of support, inclusion, and love, and encourage councilors to pass the bylaw.”

Peterson says the event served as great visual representation of just how many people support a ban.

Peterson says most of the people opposing the ban are calling from outside of Regina, adding he hopes councilors listen to Regina residents and try to filter out the rest.

“People that don’t live here, don’t vote here,” said Peterson. “They don’t live and have to face the consequences of conversion therapy in the city, whereas we do, so I’m hoping that councilors are putting stock into that and thinking about where these people actually live and what their agenda is.”

Peterson is scheduled to speak to council later on this afternoon.

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