Sask. duo tackling Lake Diefenbaker to raise money for the YWCA

Two women are planning to brave the heat and swim across Lake Diefenbaker to raise money for the YWCA.

Dionne Tatlow and Adrien van Dyke will be swimming from Danielson Park to Douglas Park, a total trek of 38 kms.

Tatlow says after swimming across Last Mountain Lake last year, the duo wanted to tackle another Saskatchewan lake.

“We just like exploring, so it’s been so much fun familiarizing ourselves with another lake, traveling down there a little bit,” said Tatlow. “It’s a beautiful lake, it’s very clear, it’s crystal clear so that’s a really nice treat as well.”

Tatlow, who’s completed a big swim every year since 2015, says she wanted a find a way to use her activity for good.

“It’s something I love to do, and it’s a passion that I’m fortunate enough to be able to do. It’s just nice when I’m doing these sorts of things to be able to support someone else and to do good and spread the love a little bit,” said Tatlow. “The YWCA just does such important work, and there are such amazing people over there that we’ve been working with.”

Tatlow adds the swim last year gave her the chance to learn more about the YWCA and the programs they offer.

With the duo’s scheduled swim taking place during another heatwave, Tatlow says they’ll have to take certain precautions.

“A lot of sunscreen, and a lot of fluids, making sure you’re hydrated and actually trying to stay in the shade a little bit,” said Tatlow. “The last thing you want is a sunburn.”

The duo will be hitting the water either Monday or Tuesday depending on the weather, they will take one hour shifts during the 13-14 hour marathon.

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