Latest crop report says many Sask fields under extreme stress from dry weather

The latest Saskatchewan crop report says crops are extremely stressed and advancing rapidly due to hot dry weather.

This week’s cooler weather and smoke is offering a slight reprieve from heat stress.

Any rain now will not help increase crop yield but will help maintain yields through the heat.

Many cereal crops that have headed out are not developing kernels and some producers are cutting these crops for greenfeed.

There is a significant shortage of livestock feed and producers are encouraged to consider alternate uses for poor crops.

Rainfall ranged from zero to 75 millimeters, with Redvers receiving the largest amount.

Kisbey and Stoughton in the southeast received 34 millimeters.

Topsoil moisture is rated 8 percent adequate, 39 percent short and 53 percent very short.

22 percent of the hay crop has been cut and 61 percent baled or put into silage.

Hay yields are well below normal with estimated yields of hay at 6-10ths of a ton.

Crop damage this week was caused by hail, winds, heat and grasshoppers.


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