Merriman maintains vaccine passports won’t be required for events in Saskatchewan

Health Minister Paul Merriman says the government’s stance on not needing a vaccine passport to attend large events in our province like Rider games is not changing.

The NDP feels such a measure should be taken to keep people safe at places where there will be big crowds, but Merriman says there is a reason as to why the province doesn’t want to do it.

“If somebody is fully vaccinated, we feel they should be able to go out and do what they want.” Merriman said. “We also continue to encourage people who haven’t had their first shot or their second one to get them and become fully vaccinated.  It is their right to choose not to get a shot, but we want to make sure everyone has the same access to events.  We don’t want to segregate.”

NDP leader Ryan Meili isn’t buying that since it is happening elsewhere.

“This is being done all over the world. People in the U-S have been going to hockey and basketball games for months now with proof of vaccination. It is not a difficult thing. “Meili said. “Basically, you have a choice, you want to go then show your card. It’s not a health privacy issue, it is your choice.

That doesn’t mean vaccine passports won’t be needed. The government is working with EHealth Saskatchewan to make sure they are available if you travelling out of province or out of country when you will have to show proof that you are fully vaccinated.

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