New commemorative war pedestals unveiled at Victoria Park cenotaph in Regina

Two new commemorative pedestals were unveiled Tuesday at Regina’s Victoria Park Cenotaph.

The granite pedestals, highlighting the Korean War and D-Day, are two of a planned 12.

Lieutenant Governor Russ Mirasty says the pedestals will forever let visitors to the park learn about and remember the people who served Canada’s military.

“We feel very strongly that it is incumbent on each of us to honour those who have served our country, and to cherish their memory by educating ourselves about our history and their contributions,” said Mirasty. “Many veterans have shared their hope that no other Canadians will ever have to experience war, may our commitment to peace building be their legacy.”

Mirasty says he’s seen first-hand how going to war can affect someone long after they’ve served, and it’s important to remember the sacrifices they made.

The pedestals were paid for by several community members, including the Kaziel family and former Lt. Gov. Vaughn Solomon Schofield.

Solomon Schofield, who funded the D-Day pedestal, says it’s important to remember just how many young men died on the beaches of Normandy.

“Around 14,000 Canadians landed on Juno Beach, or behind German defenses. 359 of our forces were killed and 1,074 injured,” said Solomon Schofield. “Just six weeks later, over 5,000 had died, and 18,700 were wounded, stop for a minute and just think about those numbers.”

Solomon Schofield says she has prioritized paying tribute to the military her whole life, and this pedestal allows her to do that forever.

Mayor Sandra Masters says the pedestals seem to complete the cenotaph, both in looks and information.

“The history of the Korean War and D-Day will forever be set in granite,” said Masters. “The members of the Second Battalion of the Princess Patricia’s Canadian Light Infantry and the Regina Rifle Regiment are now held in perpetuity here in the heart of our city,”

The remaining eight pedestals will be unveiled on significant dates throughout the year. The next unveiling is August 9th.

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