Humboldt man looking to complete 4X4X48 run to raise funds for Type One Diabetes

A Humboldt man is attempting a significant feat this weekend, running four miles every four hours over the course of 48 hours.

Jason Holtvogt starts his series of runs Friday night at 8:00 PM, and hopes to raise awareness of Type One Diabetes research.

Holtvogt says this marathon is much like caring for a Type One Diabetic child.

“My youngest daughter is a Type One Diabetic, she was diagnosed at four years old, and she’s seven now so we’ve been living with Type One Diabetes for the last three years,” Holtvogt said. “There isn’t many nights that we don’t wake up at least once or twice a night to check that her sugar level is okay, whether she’s high or low — correcting with either insulin if she’s high or sugar if she’s low.”

Holtvogt says he’s been training for this for three months, and has a game plan for the run.

“The biggest thing is finishing runs,” Holtvogt said. “I’m not doing it at a lightning-fast speed — like 40 minutes will take me to the four miles — but trying to calm myself down, get an hour sleep in between, just rest, stretch and get ready for the next run.”

Holtvogt says all of the proceeds raised will go to DRIFCan.

“They’re raising money for a scientist in Edmonton, Alberta — Dr. James Shapiro — who is doing research on people to cure diabetes, and he is very close,” Holtvogt said.

The hope is to raise $100,000. A link to donate can be found here.

Holtvogt adds anyone wanting to join the run on Saturday night is encouraged to dress up as their favourite super hero.

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