Masters puts positive spin on crime numbers report

Crime numbers that came out last week show Regina has the fifth highest crime rate in Canada when it comes to the Census Metropolitan Area which includes places like Lumsden and White City. However, the number was 27 percent lower than the year before which was the biggest drop amongst other CMA’s in Canada.

Mayor Sandra Masters looks at the numbers and says despite the fact Regina has the fifth highest rate, she is very encouraged about the 27 percent drop in numbers.

“Overall, I find the numbers to be favourable.” Masters said. “To see the drop that we had is promising.  If that trend can continue, it would be incredible.  We understand COVID takes a lot of credit for the numbers across the country because the opportunity for crime was reduced, but if we take the right approach and do the right things as we return to work, we can keep the numbers down by making sure car doors are locked, house doors are locked and things like that.”

Masters also feels that while crime is still happening in the city whether they be violence-related or not, she thinks Regina is a safe place for citizens and that is an opinion shared by a large part of the population.

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