Roughriders shift focus away from camp with game one against B.C. just three sleeps away

Three more sleeps until game day for the Roughriders, who open the 2021 CFL season against B.C. at 7:30 p.m. Friday night, at a sold out Mosaic Stadium.

Camp has shifted into week one preparations.

Coach Craig Dickenson admitted when speaking with reporters on Monday, that scouting a team who hasn’t played in two years is not an easy task.

“It’s difficult, that’s for sure,” Dickenson said. “We haven’t spent a lot of time looking at film of B.C. because it’s a whole new staff, now we do have some film from Ottawa when Rick Campbell was there, and we do have film from when B.C.’s special teams coach was there, and I know the defense is looking at several players as well, so there is still ways to prepare,” Dickenson said.

Dickenson also said while not set in stone, he’s about 90 percent sure of Friday’s starting line-up.

For the players, their focus has shifted as well.

Regina’s Brayden Lenius, who has large expectations on him this year to be a top Canadian receiver, said there’s definitely a stark difference from camp when it comes to week one prep.

“It’s completely different, like a switch has been flipped,” he said. “Camp is a whole different grind than the season, so once you flip the switch you can kind of see it out there, things get more crisp and dialed in and we focus on what we need to be successful against a certain team, it’s definitely a lot different than camp,” Lenius said.

Another Canadian receiver who’s made the opening day roster is Jake Harty.

The 30-year-old from Calgary hasn’t played a CFL game since the 2017 western-semi final against Saskatchewan.

Since then Harty has rehabbed three knee injuries, including a torn meniscus.

Harty said he’s thankful for the Riders giving him a chance after all he’s gone through.

“Yeah it definitely means a lot,” he said. “I’ve put in a lot of work to get here for sure, and also Saskatchewan has believed in me throughout this whole process, they’ve kept me around, they’ve given me opportunities, and I’m very thankful towards this organization, and I’m ready to show them what I got and get back out there come Friday and prove my worth on the football field,” Harty said.

Game time Friday from a sold out Mosaic Stadium is 7:30 p.m..

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