Lonsdale Boxing Club to host charity event to raise funds for children’s mental health

The Lonsdale Boxing Club will be hosting a fundraising event next month.

Fight For Tomorrow will feature a number of boxing matches on Sept. 25, with the main event seeing Play 92’s Mark Johnston fighting 104.9 The Wolf’s Michael Ball.

Lonsdale Club President Frank Fiacco says the money raised will go to a newly-formed charity called In Your Corner. He says they are hoping to raise $50-60,000 to help get speakers to talk with kids who may suffer from mental health issues.

“We’re not just talking about going to schools, we want to go to for example the Cadets at the Armouries and talk to them because there’s concerns there as well,” Fiacco said. “That costs money, but also counseling is not cheap, and we want to make sure that the funds are there for them.”

Fiacco says this started because they noticed many kids ending their own lives too soon.

“When we’re looking at that, we’re looking at teenagers that are in sports, we’re looking at teenagers that have high academics and feeling the pressure of society as it is today,” Fiacco said. “Obviously, the last year and a half hasn’t helped, but that wasn’t the start of these kids going through these difficult times.”

Fiacco says this will be an annual event.

“Since we started talking about this, there’s actually a couple of other groups that would like to put on events to raise money for In Your Corner, so once we’ll get that nailed down, we’ll have a little press conference to involve them as well.”

Tickets will go on sale Aug. 16 at $50 each, and will be available at the Lonsdale Boxing Club.

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