Regina man arrested after string of sexual assaults, and suspicious behaviour around children

A 28-year-old Regina man is facing charges in connection with three recent cases of suspicious behaviour around children and a sexual assault alleged to have happened after his arrest in the RPS Detention area.

On May 30th, police received a report of a suspicious male at Westhill Park on the 8100 block of Sherwood Drive. It was alleged to have approached two children, greeted them, and then grabbed a five-year-old boy by the shirt, trying to lead him away. Another child intervened and the man left the park.

On July 10th, police responded to a park at 16 Transcona Place for a report of a man who was talking to children in the park, and making sexually suggestive statements. Police arrived and found a man matching the description provided, and confirmed his identity.

On August 7th, police received a report from a woman who said a man on a bicycle had approached her two children and had allegedly touched one child in a sexual manner, and attempted to touch the other child. When the parents of the children confronted the man he allegedly took off his belt, trying to use it as a weapon. Initially, police were unable to locate the man, but eventually arrested the suspect matching the description in Transcona Park after it was alleged he was trying to persuade children to sit next to him on a bench.

On August 8th, the same man was being transported by police when he allegedly rubbed up against an officer in a sexual manner before being pulled away.

28-year-old Nhigel Felipe Ceredon has been charged with assault with a weapon, invitation to sexual touching, 3 counts of sexual assault, and assault.

Ceredon made his first court appearance on all charges except the assault on August 9th. He is scheduled to make a video appearance in court Friday afternoon for that assault charge.

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