Moe and Trudeau arguing over private MRI clinics

Saskatchewan’s Premier and the federal LIberal leader have found something new to argue about.

On Tuesday, Justin Trudeau said if the Liberals win the federal election on September 20, it will claw back health fund transfers if the province doesn’t eliminate private MRI clinics.

Scott Moe says Quebec and Ontario have had private MRI clinics operating for years witn no threats to funding so why us and not them.

For-profit clinics can charge patients for tests as long as they also provide scans to those on the public wait list in Saskatchewan with Moe saying more than 10.000 scans have been removed from the public wait list because of this.

In a statement, Moe says “We need a federal government that unites the country, not divides it further, especially on important national issues like health care and that it is disappointing Trudeau is looking to politicize healthcare by only now taking this issue with this practice to seemingly distract from real issues that should be discussed during an election he wanted.

This practice is one that has angered NDP leader Ryan Meili. During the last provincial election campaign, he said if elected one of his promises would have to been to eliminate this from happening and that wait lists have doubled.

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