Voter information cards are in the mail

With the federal election coming up on September 20, canadians should be getting their voter information cards in the mail.

The voter information cards are important for voters when they cast their ballots according to Marie-France Kenny, Regional Media Advisor for Elections Canada. She notes that on the cards it will show electors when and where they can vote at advance polls and on election day. The cards also provide information on the accessibility of the polling stations. The cards also display the location of the nearest Elections Canada office, should anyone choose to vote there. The cards also serve as a proof of ID when voters go and cast their votes, two pieces of ID are required when casting a ballot for the election.

If anyone hasn’t received their voter information by Friday, September 3, they can go to the Elections Canada website to make sure that they are registered for the election. Kenny notes that sometimes the voter information cards are sometimes a little late arrving in the mail, so it’s possible that some residents don’t receive their cards until early next week.

The process of voting is accelerated when the voters have the information cards present when casting their ballots Kenny says, she notes that if you have your card at the polls, you won’t need to register before voting.

Kenny added they are looking for workers for election day, if anyone is interested they are asked to contact Elections Canada.

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