Sask hunters asked to help in surveillance of Chronic Wasting Disease in deer, moose and elk

The Saskatchewan ministry of Environment is again asking hunters to submit the heads of deer, moose and elk harvested this season for testing for chronic wasting disease.

Officials say the testing is easy and free in all wildlife zones.

Environment minister Warren Kaeding says hunters play a key role in detection and surveillance of chronic wasting disease in deer, moose and elk.

Last year, almost 3 thousand heads were submitted for testing and is critical for the success of the surveillance program.

Chronic Wasting disease is an infectious central nervous system disease and is fatal to the infected animal.

There is no known cure and the currently found in 56 of Saskatchewan’s 83 wildlife zones.

Animals harvested in zones 2w, 9,10, 35 and 37 are of particular interest, as ministry biologists would like more information about the prevalence and spread of the disease in these areas.

Zones 50 and 55 are also of interest.

Last year, testing found CWD in five moose, so moose hunters are also encouraged to submit moose for testing.

Prior to dropping off heads, hunters must obtain a CWD tracking number from the website.

Hunters are advised to refrain from eating meat that has tested positive, even though there are no known cases of cwd in humans.

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