Viterra and STARS launch calendar campaign fundraiser

Even in a digital world, STARS calendars continue to be a very popular item.

Viterra and STARS launched the 2022 calendar campaign today, marking the seventh straight year that this has happened. Over the last seven years, Viterra has contributed over 1.6 million dollars to STARS fundraising efforts.

Helping out with the STARS calendar is a very easy decision for Viterra according to CEO Kyle Jeworski. “It’s just a natural fit with what our employees require in terms of emergency medical services. We’ve unfortunately had a couple of staff, non work related incidents that have utilized STARS and are doing very well today, I think in large part due to STARS.”

Andrea Robertson, President and CEO of STARs noted that the partnership with Viterra has been a very successful venture. “It’s resulted in millions of dollars raised for this (STAR) organization. She added “Where Viterra is, is where everywhere we are, rural and remote areas of Western Canada.” Robertson also appreciated the fact that Viterra sells the calendars at most of its locations.

Despite technology continuing to grow, the STARS calendars are a very handy resource as Jeworski explains. “Every month allows the ability to profile a different VIP (very important patient), and I think that really shows what the service is that STARS is providing to western Canada, it’s just an absolute vital service.”

Jeworski noted that many farmers continue to rely on the calendars and added that when the day comes that the calendars would become obsolete, Viterra would continue to find a way to help STARS with their fundraising efforts.

The calendars will be available until December 3 at most Viterra locations, as well online at

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