Sask. Chamber of Commerce welcomes new COVID-19 orders announced Thursday

The Saskatchewan Chamber of Commerce is pleased to see the new COVID-19 orders that were announced Thursday.

Chamber CEO Steve McLellan says the business community is pleased to see something being done.

“These are moderate actions, ones we think are very responsible,” McLellan said. “Businesses will adopt them without question, but the fact remains of course for those that are unvaccinated, you’re the solution. People not being vaccinated is what’s spreading it and making these new rules being a necessity.”

McLellan says the mask mandate will be an easy adjustment because businesses have had to do it before.

“We don’t have to rush out and buy masks, everybody has masks,” McClellan said. “Many, many business were already wearing them and their staff, most customers had them, if not worn them, so this transition will be quite easily.”

While the temporary mask mandate coming into effect Friday is a minor inconvenience compared to closing, which would have been a serious option with more drastic measures implemented.

McLellan says his message to the unvaccinated is simple; change that.

“The science is on the side of getting vaccinated. Wherever they’re getting their information from; stop it” McClellan said. “Listen to the trusted sources from the federal and provincial governments, trust those people who are looking after your best interests, and stop being such a hindrance on our provincial economy (and) on the minds and the comfort of our families.”

McClellan says he appreciates the efforts of the province in making these new rules, adding it wasn’t an easy decision considering how divisive the pandemic has become.

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