The 2021 federal election was the most pointless one in history according to Premier Scott Moe

According to Saskatchewan Premier Scott Moe, last night’s federal election was the most pointless election in Canadian history.

The Saskatchewan Premier went on the defense today after taking criticism from Prime Minister Justin Trudeau during his campaign, as Trudeau felt Saskatchewan has done a poor job handling the COVID-19 pandemic.

Moe added that Trudeau should be shouldering some the blame for the vaccination rates in Saskatchewan. “Our far north and Indigenous communities are running at a vaccination rate lower than 50%, some as low as 23% and this is an area where we have some of the highest COVID transmissions in the province and this an area of exclusive federal jurisdiction.”

The Premier of Saskatchewan added not only was dismayed to hear the comments from the Prime Minister but also pointed out that Trudeau largely ignored Saskatchewan during his campaign. The only stop on Trudeau’s campaign trail was inside of the tarmac inside of the Regina Airport which occurred over three weeks ago.

Many Canadians were frustrated with the results of last night’s federal elections, with the Liberals only gaining an additional  three seats in Parliament, leaving themselves with a Liberal minority which is where the country sat five weeks ago. Moe said the only thing that the election accomplished was increased division within the country. “Unfortunate that this pointless election was called in the first place, it’s unfortunate that the Canadian taxpayers are on the hook for over $600 million for what was essentially a pointless election, it’s unfortunate a Prime Minister has used the last five weeks during this election campaign to further and create division across this nation.”

Moe added that the  taxpayers money could have been used more effectively, like funding the underfunded health system, increasing vaccination rates and positioning Canada as leaders in the global recovery.

Despite their differences, Moe is still hopeful a working relationship can be attainable with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. “90% of the people of the province don’t want this man to be the Prime Minister of Canada. It’s my job to represent the people of the province of Saskatchewan. When I need to stand up whether it’s Prime Minister Trudeau or the person or party that’s supporting him Jagmeet Singh, I will certainly do that.  But I’m also going to work with this Prime Minister and ultimately Jagmeet Singh who will be supporting the federal NDP, there’s no gulf or difference between the Liberal party and the NDP s we’ve seen over the course over the last two years, and what I expect we will see over the next 18 months. But we’re going to work work with them where certainly we can but certainly we are going to stand up for the residents of Saskatchewan.”


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