Raising the flag for World Peace Day in Regina

World Peace Day was recognized in the City of Regina this morning with a flag raising ceremony in front of City Hall.

September 21 was declared International Day of Peace by the United Nations.

Florence Stratton of Peacequest Regina explains there are many forms of violence where peace is required including war, poverty, racism, homophobia, and ableism.

Watching the flag being raised in front of City Hall was a special moment for Stratton. “The commitment of peace and justice, to working forward every day, for speaking out against violence and injustice whenever we see them.”

It’s important to be mindful of all kinds of violence that exist in our world, Stratton says. “There’s educating one self and what violence consists of, it’s not just war, and war is awful, it’s terrible, so is homelessness, and so is poverty and so are all the other injustices that are faced.”

Stratton added there should be a focus on funding peacekeeping efforts closer to home instead of purchasing fighter jets for 77 billion dollars.

With the flag raising ceremony on September 22, a day after World Peace Day, Stratton is hopeful that this is a reminder that World Peace Day is something that should be taken into consideration 365 days a year.

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