Too many cats at Regina Humane Society

The Regina Humane Society is dealing with an influx of cats in their shelter.

Humane Society spokesperson Bill Thorn says close to 1,200 cats have come into the shelter over the summer.

“We’ve had a lot of people who have taken cats home and adopt them — which is great — but we still need some more,” Thorn said. “We’re asking people if they’ve been thinking about getting a cat sometime in the near future to maybe move that up a little bit to help get these cats home.”

With about 160 currently there now Thorn says that’s simply too many cats to handle at one time.

“You get too many cats into a sheltered environment, it’s hard to control disease,” Thorn said. You get one that comes in that’s sick or something, and it cane spread very quickly. It just overwhelms our space and our resources to care for them the way we need to.”

To help bring cats to their future new homes, the Humane Society has reduced adoption fees to $25 for cats older than four months, and $75 for a cat under four months old. The fees include spay and neuter surgery, vaccinations, tattoo microchip and a post-adoption veterinary exam.

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