QR Codes temporarily removed from COVID-19 vaccination records due to technical difficulties

Those looking to download or print off their proof of vaccination certificate from the MySaskHealthRecord over the weekend will notice there will not be a QR code attached.

The provincial government has sited difficulty in ensuring proper identity for the QR codes, meaning they are suspending the QR Code program while the issue is resolved. As many as 19 people have had the potential to scan another citizens’ QR code.

Anyone who printed or downloaded their QR code from the week of Sept. 19-24 is asked to destroy or delete the document, as the QR code will be made invalid.

“We are working closely with our vendor to investigate and resolve any issues and prevent other problems,” eHealth Saskatchewan Vice President of Programs and Technology Davin Church said in a news release. “We understand the high demand in Saskatchewan for records to meet proof of vaccination requirements.”

Church added, “We identified one individual whose information has been included within QR codes which are not theirs’s, we have notified that individual, we also notified the Office of the Information and Privacy Officer of Saskatchewan and we are continuing to work through the resolution with that issue with our vendor.”

With expected heavy traffic expected on the website on Saturday, Church feels they will be able to handle it. “Part of our initial launch of the QR code, we anticipated higher number of volumes so we did put in a queuing process that will allow access at a rate that we’re comfortable, that the system can sustain, developmentally creating some waiting periods, we don’t expect it to be substantially different that what people would have experienced at the beginning of this week.”

The province advises residents that other possible methods of proof of vaccination include:

  • Wallet card received during COVID-19 vaccinations
  • Earlier version of COVID-19 vaccine certificate from MySaskHealthRecord
  • COVID-19 vaccine printout from Saskatchewan Health Authority



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