Dickenson still trying to figure out how good a team he has

Due to air quality, the Riders held a closed practice indoors at the EventPlex on Thursday as they continue preparing for Saturday’s home game against Calgary.

A loss to a 2-5 Calgary team last week brought up talk about the green-and-white as to what their identity is this season because it remains a mystery to many.  One of those that it remains a mystery to is head coach Craig Dickenson.

“I know one thing about our team and that is we like to work, practice and enjoy being around one another. When it comes to the on the field stuff, I think we are still trying to figure it out. We came out fast and won three early and then it’s been hit and miss since.” Dickenson said.  “This is a big game for us in a lot of ways. One of the things we have to do is decide as a team how we want this to go.”

Dickenson adds that they aren’t the only team in this boat.  He says it is frustrating, but it is reality. He feels in a normal season when you hit the eight game mark you are right around Labour Day and that is the time that you find out what kind of team you have.  Dickenson added with the injuries they have had it is tough to put a consistent group on the field, but they have finally gotten to that point.

The Riders and Stampeders meet in the second of what is three in a row between the two teams Saturday at 5 at Mosaic Stadium.  620 CKRM’s pre-game coverage starts at 2.

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