Regina City Council approves residential sidewalk snow removal bylaw

Regina City Council voted 9-2 in favour of implementing a residential snow removal bylaw on Wednesday.

The new bylaw, that requires residents to remove snow and ice from sidewalks in front of their properties no more than 48 hours after it falls, will take effect January 1st.

The City says for those away on vacation, or those with mobility issues, relying on neighbors or programs like Snow Angels will be vital. The special snow removal program is expected to see increased funding from the City due to the increased workload expected.

For the first few months of the new bylaw, police will focus more on reminding people of the new rule in place, however a last resort will be a $100 fine.

According to one city councilor, Regina has one of the worst “slip and fall records” in all of Canada.

The Queen City also trails many other communities like Saskatoon and Calgary, by years when it comes to a  residential sidewalk snow removal bylaw.


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