Warren Steinley and Conservatives draw line in the sand on Saskatchewan Act

Members of the Conservative party are drawing a line in the sand with the Trudeau Government over the blocking of amendments to the Saskatchewan Act.
The amendments to section 24 of the act, would remove Canadian Pacific Railway’s Tax exemption in the province and allow the provincial government to tax the rail company. These changes were passed by both the Conservative Party and federal NDP members, but hit a snag when they went before the house.
The block has forced Steinley and his allies to consider their next steps. In an interview granted to 620 CKRM Steinley vowed to begin speaking with members on both sides of the aisle in an effort to repeal the block.
Voicing frustration over the move by feds, Steinley echoed that this move shows the Liberals just don’t care about Saskatchewan.
“This is their time to listen to what Saskatchewan people wanted, and once again they just showed that they don’t care about Saskatchewan. After this show of arrogance, I don’t think they’ll have representation in Saskatchewan for a long time.”
Canadian Pacific Railway is currently suing the province to recoup 341 million dollars in taxes – citing a clause that first appeared in an 1880 contract between Canada and the rail company.

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