Environment Canada warning residents to stay inside

Saskatchewan is getting hit with an extreme cold spell of winter weather with much of the province is under an extreme cold warning from Environment Canada.

David Baggaley, a meteorologist with Environment Canada explains what is causing the dip in temperature.

“Just a northern wind throughout the entire prairies has brought down an extraordinary cold arctic air mass that has settled right over Saskatchewan,” he said. “Unfortunately this circulation is not changing very quickly at all, so pretty much expect extraordinarily cold temperatures for the rest of the year.”

Baggaley said with the temperature this cold it’s best to stay inside as much as possible.

“You have to take more than just the ordinary precautions, you have to take extraordinary precautions,” he said. “If you have to go outside, bundle up, and don’t stay outside any longer than you have to and just be aware that these extremely cold temperatures can affect you very quickly and just plan your day so you are not outside.”

Looking at the forecast for the rest of the year, Regina is looking at a high of -29 and a low of -39, with windchill hitting in the -50’s this week.

Things could warm up in the new year as there is a high of -20 on January 1st.

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