Saskatchewan Zaps power consumption record twice in two days

With temperatures dipping into the -50 range power consumption across the province is at an all time high.

Saskatchewan homes and businesses set a power consumption record on December 30th at 6:01 PM – zapping the previous days record.

3910 Megawatts of power were consumed, surpassing the previous record by enough energy to power 42,000 SK homes.

Saskatchewan has broken peak consumption records twice in the last two days – an unusual occurrence according to SaskPower spokesperson Kory Hayko.

“It’s no surprise that we’re seeing increased power consumption as these frigid temperatures remain in the province,” said Hayko, Vice President of Transmission and Industrial Services at SaskPower. “Breaking all time peak demand records is uncommon, but to do it two times in as many days is quite rare.”

Heating and cooling accounts for roughly a quarter of house hold power bills.

If residents are feeling the crunch regarding their power bills this time of year – Saskpower suggests lowering household temperature two to three degrees when not at home and at night while sleeping.

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