Skid Smart helps prepare drivers for Sask. icy road conditions

To help prepare Saskatchewan drivers deal with the winter conditions on the roads, the Saskatchewan Safety is launching their 2022 Skid Smart Collison Avoidance program

The course takes place at the Fleet Centre on the east side of the Queen city.

Traffic Safety Specialist Al Gall says the program sees vehicles take part on a closed course. “We have people come down the hill that’s attached to the ice pad at specific speed and then we have them carry out maneuvers on the ice which would be the absolute condition possible is pure ice.”

The program is about preparing drivers for winter conditions according to Gall. “Our Skid Smart program is designed to let people see their vehicles handle a typical Saskatchewan winter with icy and slippery conditions.”

The program is offered in the months of January and February. Anyone who owns a driver’s licence is eligible to take part in the course.

Gall is hopeful that the Saskatchewan Safety Council will be able to offer the Skid Smart program to other parts in the province besides Regina in the future.

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