NFU calls for federal investigation into rising fertilizer prices


The National Farmers Union is calling for a federal investigation into skyrocketing fertilizer prices.

Ontario president of the NFU, Don Ciparis, says his fertilizer prices have jumped 144 to 220 percent between April and December of last year.

He calls it outrageous and wants an independent body like the House of Commons agriculture committee to investigate all the factors contributing to fertilizer pricing in Canada.

Last week, NFU president Katie Ward wrote to the chair of the Agriculture Committee asking for such an investigation “post-haste”.

Some NFU members suggest there may be plain profiteering on the backs of supply chain problems and COVID-19 issues.

The NFU says a lack of competition enables fertilizer companies to raise prices to match rising grain prices, regardless of internal cost structures.

The NFU accuses fertilizer companies of making windfall profits while farmers face drought.

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