Provincial NDP want recommendations from medical health experts released

The provincial NDP believe that  hospitalizations growing in Saskatchewan, staffing shortages and leaked internal modelling are the signs of immediate risk to the health care system.

The provincial opposition would like to the see the recommendations from the medical health experts released to the public, to give them a better understanding of what they can expect to see during the upcoming weeks of the fifth wave of the pandemic.

NDP Leader Ryan Meili says the province is tired of dealing with pandemic. He added that health care workers are really feeling the effects right now. “Now looking at a mountain ahead, a number of cases, at the best case scenario looking like over double what we saw during the previous worst wave.”

Premier Scott Moe is making personal decisions instead of listening to the expert opinion of medical health officers in the province according to Meili. “This premier does not have the background or the knowledge to make these decisions.” Meili added “He was making these decisions based on real time political data, he was making decisions based on political polling not on what’s happening with people’s lives.”

The wrong message is being sent to the province says Meili with the possible reshuffling of government employees to help with health care staffing issues. “Hundreds of government workers to do jobs that they are not trained for and coming into the health care system, which really is a panic button, when you are talking about the problems within the health care system but at the same time the premier is saying we will not do anything.”

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