Sask helps fund research for vaccine for chronic wasting disease


The Saskatchewan government is partnering with the Alberta government and the Alberta Conservation association to fund chronic wasting disease research.

The goal of the 1.3 million dollar project is to develop a vaccine for chronic wasting disease over the next five years.

Environment minister Warren Kaeding says a vaccine could assist in reducing challenges faced with premature fatalities in the animals, as well as offering reduced disease spread.

Chronic wasting disease is a fatal, infectious disease of deer, elk, reindeer and moose that affects the central nervous system.

Saskatchewan will provide 400 thousand dollars to be dispersed from the Fish and Wildlife Development fund, with a committment of 50 thousand dollars for the first 2 years and 100 thousand dollars in each of the remaining three years.

Alberta environment minister Jason Nixon says an effective oral vaccine would complement other science-based strategies to limit the spread of chronic wasting disease in wildlife populations.


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