Sask. Party and NDP see closest polling numbers in five years

The provincial NDP government has closed the gap between themselves and the Sask. Party for the first time in nearly five years.

According to a poll done by the Angus Reid Institute, the NDP had a 39 per cent approval rating while the Sask. Party had a 48 per cent approval rating.

The gap has narrowed since the last poll back in October, which found 35 per cent support for the NDP and 52 per cent for the Sask. Party.

It marks only the second time since 2014, fewer than half of Saskatchewan voters say they would cast a ballot for the Sask. Party if an election were held.

That last happened in 2017, when then-Premier Brad Wall’s government was forced to make severe and unpopular budget cuts as declining resource revenues put a significant dent in the province’s finances.

Pollsters list Premier Scott Moe’s handling of the COVID-19 pandemic as one of the main reasons why fewer than half of decided voters said they would cast their ballot for the Sask. Party if an election was called today.

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