GoFundMe releases $1 million of the over $6.8 raised for ‘Freedom Convoy’

One million of the 6.8 million dollars that have been raised for the ‘Freedom Convoy’ has been released by GoFundMe.

The fundraising page was launched earlier this month by Tamara Lich, and she stated she was looking to raise money to cover the convoy’s fuel, food, and lodging expenses.

GoFundMe was originally holding back the funds until it received more details about the convoy and its financial management. Yesterday a spokesperson for GoFundMe said that the information had been provided regarding a distribution plan, and the withdrawn funds are being used to cover participants’ fuel costs.

The crowdfunding website said it would be working with the organizers to release the rest of the money once participants from the convoy have been reimbursed for their expenses.

Lich has said that any leftover money from the convoy would be donated to a veterans organization.

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