Organizer of rally says “barricades won’t stop revolution”

In a video posted to Facebook the organizer of the truck convoy protest poised to take place at Saskatchewan Legislature February 5th – Tamara Lavoie criticized the Premier and gave a candid glimpse of what might be driving Saturday’s rally. Lavoie has more than 2000 followers on Facebook – where she identifies herself as an “activist” and “self sabotage” coach. The video posted Thursday February 3rd can be found here

In the video Lavoie refers to government instituted vaccination passes as “slave passes”. She claims the vaccination passport program was being created by government in 2013, and accuses the school boards in the province of abusing children by making them wear masks.

“Scott Moe did not remove any mandates. Plain and simple.” says Lavoie. “Anyone who thinks that happened, I haven’t seen any proof of that – just like I have never seen proof of COVID.”

In the 13 minute video put out to communicate with participants of the rally, Lavoie goes on to say that the protesters will not be satisfied until  “Scott Moe says to all businesses that they are not to discriminate, that they are not to ask for segregation passes, they are not to expect their employees to be tested or jabbed.” Lavoie demands that the province abolish the emergencies act.

Lavoie also asks the media to take note.

“Media – because I know you are watching. This is what this is all about. We’re not just asking him to let people breathe fresh air again, and not be asked for a vax pass to swim in a pool or go to a restaurant. Everybody who lost their job, gets their job back.”

A post made to social media Friday by Lavoie reads “Barricades won’t stop the revolution. Still tons of concrete to park on in the fine city of Regina. See you tomorrow, Patriots!”.

Alarmingly Lavoie also calls for supplies like , firewood and toothbrushes for people who will be staying longer than just one day. Saying that it will take most of Saturday to get people organized and situated- words that paint Saturday’s “freedom rally” as more of a movement to occupy the legislative grounds than a peaceful protest.





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