‘We weren’t connecting with Canadians’ Local MP reacts to Conservative Party changes

With the Conservative Party of Canada announcing a new interim leader after voting out Erin O’Toole, one of Regina’s local Conservatives is reacting.

Warren Steinley, the MP for Regina-Lewvan, said he believes a fresh start for the party comes with a new leader.

“I think for a little while now we’ve seen some strain. I’m happy the leadership situation in our party has been dealt with that there are no longer any lingering leadership questions,” he said. “I’m looking for our caucus being united.”

Steinley talked about why the Party felt it was time for a new leader.

“I think it just came down to trust, and I think we weren’t connecting with Canadians as we should have been,” he stated. “I believe in our campaign we had a few changes mid-stream, and that was something that continued to linger. There were things that came out in the Cummiuings Report when we had our caucus retreat that showed some of the things we need to do better. We wanted to make sure we could have a fresh start.”

With a vote to determine a new leader for the Conservative Party later this year, it will mark the third time the Party will be under new leadership in the last seven years. Despite all the changes, Steinley believes that people are feeling optimistic.

“I think there is optimism; I think people are feeling that. Over the last couple of days, I know how people are feeling, and I’ve received hundreds of emails about what people, members, continence, think and the direction they would like to see.”

Steinley added he feels they have a vision of where they want to go, something people want to see.

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