A pair of protests with opposing views occur at Sask. Legislative Building

Two duelling protests took place yesterday at the Saskatchewan Legislative Building.

Protesters called for Premier Scott Moe to keep all current health orders in place.

Jeff Walters, an instructor at the University of Regina and organizer of the protests, said they wanted to hold a demonstration to show that people want to keep the mandates.

“We are here because we are concerned citizens,” he said. “We really just want to express our displeasure at the Moe government ignoring of experts advice and advice of those on the ground who are making decisions that affect our lives with regard to COVID.”

He said what he and others would like to see happen is to see the Premier listen to the advice from experts.

“Nobody is an expert in everything; we all rely on advice from those we think are professionals that will give us the best advice,” he explained. “If the best advice is to reduce mandates, then that’s fine; if the best advice is to keep them, that’s fine. At the end of the day, we should rely on and use the information from experts in order to make decisions, especially for everybody in our province.”

Walters said he isn’t sure where Premier Moe is getting his information.

“He doesn’t really say where he gets his information from. There is no transparency. One of the reasons we are here is to make him at least more accountable about that lack of transparency. When all of the experts in the field come out and say this is not the best thing, you should rethink it; it’s probably time to rethink it. Political decisions for health issues are not exactly the best mixture.”

Other protesters were calling for all mandates to be removed, including Kimm Reid, who owns a business in Canada and the United States.

She says she has been personally affected by the mandates because she can’t cross borders to operate her business.

“I can’t get to my own company,” she said. “It’s very frustrating. It could potentially cost me my business and my livelihood. We have rights and freedoms, and they are being taken away, costing us our livelihood, our homes, our jobs.”

Reid added that she isn’t against or for vaccines but freedom of choice.

The anti-mandate protests are now occupying Albert Street near the Legislative Building, blocking the right-hand lanes both north and southbound with no signs of moving until all mandates in Saskatchewan have been lifted.

The Regina Police Service has asked drivers to find different routes if possible.

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