Company receiving death threats after towing vehicle involved in “Freedom Rally”

One Regina company has been receiving numerous death threats after towing a vehicle involved in the “Freedom Rally” over the weekend.

The owner of the company wished for the name of their organization to not be publicized due to a fear for the safety of their employees.

“We have been receiving threats all through the night. This started at 9PM. They have been calling non stop threatening to shoot us, to surround us, to shoot us between the eyes. It’s way out of control with this protest. They need to stop and realize it was one vehicle that was impounded.” The protestors have also taken to social media – posting negative reviews and comments about the company.

“We’re not the first company to go through something like this- and we aren’t going to be the last.”

The owner says the protestors are doing more harm than good and having a negative affect on the people who live in the area.

“They’re causing harm to the people around them parking on a main thorough faire. The people on Albert street having to put up with all this noise. They have no respect. All I can say is we were doing our job”.

The death threats and threats of physical harm are being investigated by Regina City Police services.

Late Sunday evening the Regina City Police began issuing tickets in an attempt to relieve the major artery of Albert Street. Originally the protest was planned to take place on the grounds in front of the Saskatchewan Legislature, this was hampered by blockades which had been put up in advance of the FROST Regina Festival.







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