Poor road conditions could be on the way for Friday

It looks like the freezing rain that swept through the province early this morning, will not return tonight. But poor driving conditions could exist tomorrow morning.

Highways surrounding Saskatoon and Prince Albert had travel not recommended advisories this morning but have since been been lifted.

Craik RCMP were on the scene on Highway #11 just north of Girvin this morning as the northbound lanes were closed with the stretch of the highway between Davidson and Chamberlain was closed.

Terri Lang from Environment Canada says a combination of freezing rain and heavy warm winds created havoc on some roads after the freezing rain. “There was some rain on top of things and even though it had warmed up, any place that still has snow on the road or ice on the road doesn’t necessarily melt right away.”

According to the Highway Hotline, there was a multi-vehicle accident south of Davidson on Highway #11 this morning.

The freezing rain that swept through the province last night is not expected to return tonight except possibly along the Saskatchewan-Manitoba border.

The warm winds that are blowing through the province currently will prevent the return of freezing rain on Thursday night according to Lang.

Even though there isn’t any freezing rain in the forecast, road conditions could be very slick tomorrow morning around Regina. Thursday’s above seasonal temperatures will last until the evening when a cold snap hit will hit Saskatchewan very suddenly.

Lang says the drivers might need to plan some extra time tomorrow because of hazardous conditions. “All of the rain that we got is going to freeze really quickly overnight, so I think tomorrow is going to be a shocker temperatures are going to be colder and things will be frozen.

Lang adds that everyone should check the Highway Hotline tomorrow morning to get an updated status on the roads.

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