High tech agriculture companies get boost


Cultivator, powered by Conexus, is pointing to successful efforts to start up high tech companies in Saskatchewan.

The incubator manager of Cultivator, Jordan McFarlen, says there is more distribution of high-growth companies, founders staying in Saskatchewan to launch and grow companies, and an increase in venture capital investment for Saskatchewan startups.

He points to several major milestones since Cultivator was launched in 2019.

Cultivator companies have generated 14 million dollars in revenue, raised 23 million dollars in private capital, obtained over 23 million dollars in public funding and created over 300 jobs.

One big success has been Agtech company Precision AI, raising over 20 million dollars of private and public funding to change the future of precision agriculture.

Last year, Cultivator launched a venture capital backed agtech Accelerator, a first of its kind in Canada.

The Accelerator brings both agriculture and technology together to accelerate the growth of Canada’s top agtech startups, with the first set up effort next month.


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