313 Canadians banned from Russia

The Russian government sanctioned 313 Canadians yesterday as part of efforts to send a message to the world. It appears as though anyone who stands with Ukraine and opposes Putin’s attacks on the country is being placed on a ban – this includes members of Canadian parliament.

Regina Wascana MP Michael Kram found himself on that list.

“The Russian regime is getting more and more ridiculous all the time,” says Kram, “Today they took the step of banning all members of the house of commons from entering Russia.”

The MP says Russia is opposed to anyone who sympathizes with Ukraine “The fault of this war is 100% on Putin’s shoulder’s and it’s ridiculous that he will not take any responsibility for it.”

Kram has been a vocal support for the people of Ukraine. He created the website www.standwithukraine.ca to promote an anti war message and drive communication and support for the people of the country.

While the website does not appear to have contributed to Kram’s ban the MP says if it did – he’s happy to be on the list. “If my efforts with the local Ukrainian community contributed to that at all , that’s a good thing, certainly standing up to Vladimir Poutin is the right thing to do.” The website has generated a strong response from the local community.

Kram says that he will gladly stay out of Russia for the rest of his life – if it means that Putin pulls his troops out of Ukraine.

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